23 Things I've Learnt in 23 Years

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Last Month, I turned 23, and I wanted to mark the occasion here on my blog. So here's a round up of 23 random things that I've learnt, about the world and about myself, in the 23 years of my life so far. I wanted to write this like a letter to my past self; the girl that has lived these 23 years. I've changed a lot in that time and learnt so many things about myself.

So, in no particular order, let's go.

1. Never sleep with your make-up on. I mean, really, don't do it.

2. You can't make people like you by pretending to be someone you're not. It will make you unhappy.

3. Waxing anything will always hurt, however many times you get it done. But it's still worth it.

4. Some friendships aren't built to last. But they'll teach you something, so don't regret the ones that you lose along the way.

5. When your Mum tells you that yellow isn't really your colour, you'll get mad at her, but realise years later that she was totally right.

6. Learning to be happy when you're alone is the best thing you can do for maintaining a healthy long-term relationship. Working on yourself can feel selfish, but it's the best thing you can do for you or your partner in the long run.

7. But, like friendships, some relationships aren't built to last either. Don't be bitter, they all teach you things about people and about love. And that's pretty important.

8. Investing in skincare is much more important than investing in shoes. But not nearly as fun.

9. Heart break really, really, really hurts. You will think that you will never be happy again, but you will be.

10. Dancing is good for you. Do it a lot. It makes you happy and it burns calories.

11. You can't actually handle a whole bottle of wine and five tequila shots. Even though you think you can.

12. The best person to have around when your upset is a dog. They don't judge you and they never get bored of cuddles.

13. However many times you re-watch Friends, it will still be funny.

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14. If you sit inside all day and do nothing you will feel terrible about yourself. Your Mum was right about this one too.

15. You're never going to love mid-rise jeans. So stop buying them. You're a high-waisted girl and you know it.

16. You will meet people you don't like, and they will teach you things too. Don't be rude, everyone has their story.

17. If you really want something you can achieve it. But you won't do it by watching Netflix on repeat and complaining that you never get what you want. Yes, even if you're re-watching Gossip Girl for the third time.

18. You will meet people that don't like you, don't take it personally. Move on.

19. Blow drying your hair without heat protection will give you dry ends. Don't do it. Use a deep conditioner.

20. Rejection really sucks. It happens a lot. From guys you like, from jobs you want and from friends you try to make. Don't let it sting you for too long. Better things always come a long.

21. Sometimes you have to reject people. Don't be rude and don't be indecisive. If it's not going anywhere, tell them. They'll be hurt, but they'll thank you for it in the long run.

22. However many times you watch the Notebook, it will always make you cry.

23. Happiness is not a destination. Don't put it off, don't wait for it to appear. It will happen when you stop looking. It will happen when you stop waiting. It will happen when you start living you life.

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