5 Little Things to Boost Your Confidence

I don't know anybody who is confident and feeling fabulous all the time. We all have down days and we all have days where we just don't feel our sassiest self. On those days I have a few survival techniques that I like to whip out to go from hiding under my duvet to strutting around in my favourite heels. Think of this as your little 5 step guide to a more confident day, if you like.

5 Step Guide to Going From Shrinking Violet to Beyonce

1. My number one rule to myself when I'm feeling a bit lacking in sparkle, is to make an effort to leave the house. Sometimes it's the last thing on my mind, but I know that getting myself up and out always leaves me feeling like I've actually achieved something that day. 

2. Now, if I'm forcing myself out the door when I'm not feeling at my best then I also try and spend some time doing my make-up. On days when I'm struggling to find some self-love I like to reach for my favourite lipstick and an eyeshadow combo that I know will make me feel like a queen. Giving yourself some extra time for self-care is always a good idea on low confidence days.

3. Okay so you put on some killer lipstick and left the house. Now what? My first stop is to pay somebody else a compliment. It might sound weird, but saying something nice to somebody else in your life when you're feeling low can really help. Making other people happy is always a great mood-booster, and who knows, maybe they'll re-pay the compliment?

4. As well as complimenting others, it's really important on these days to share your opinions with others, particularly at work or in school. It can be really hard to speak out and own your ideas like a boss on days when you're feeling low, but it can be so empowering.

5. Lastly, if I've survived a whole day of feeling like I'd rather hide under a rock, then I like to pamper myself in the evening. I honestly find that a long bath, a face mask, a hair mask, the whole works, really does help when I need a boost of confidence. Not only do you end up feeling like a much smoother more polished version of yourself, but it's also a nice reminder that you are worth the efffort.

What do you do to perk yourself up when your feeling a bit more shrinking violet than Beyonce? I'd love some extra tips!

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