Finding Time for Me

The truly ironic thing about the title of this blog post is that I've had it planned, sitting in drafts and with photos added, for about a week. But, I've been struggling to find the time to sit down and write it. I didn't feel like I could write something honest and heart felt in just a few snatched moments and, right now, having a big chunk of time to set aside for a good bit of writing is kind of an occasional luxury.

I'm not here to complain, not in the least, and I know that I'm not in the minority at all. We are all busy, we all have jobs, or school and we all have our social lives. Throw in trying to fit in time for exercise, cooking, sitting in traffic and trying to keep up with a blog schedule, and you have yourself a very busy week.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with all of you on fitting in that all important me time, in the hope that some of you might find some comfort in it or go away knowing that it's okay to give yourself a break.

If you're new to me and my blog then you may not know that this year, back in August, I graduated from University and started full time work. In these past few months I've learnt a lot about myself and about the importance of giving myself time to breathe and time for hobbies.

One thing that I've had to learn these past few months, that I wanted to share with you all in the hope that you might take something away from it, is that it is really really okay to treat yourself. Now, just to be clear, I don't mean just in the sense of splurging on Asos, I mean treating yourself to me time. In today's society I think there can sometimes be this perception that we have to be busy and working all the time. That can then lead to feelings of guilt when we spend our Saturday afternoon binge watching Netflix instead of answering work emails, writing a blog post or studying. But I just want to tell you, it's okay. We can't all be doing something productive all the time and you should never feel guilty for taking a well deserved break .

I think it's particularly a challenge for bloggers, and especially when it comes to the line between blogging for fun and blogging because you feel like you should. Yes I do think it's important to set yourself targets and schedules and, in some respects, treat your blog like a business. However, if you are also keeping up a full time career, sometimes it's really okay to put that blog post off for a day and take a nice bath instead. Or binge watch all four Gilmore Girls revival episodes in one sitting. (Who else did this?)

I think what I'm essentially trying to say is that I've been struggling to find time for myself, without feeling guilty, and in turn that leaves me stressed and exhausted. If you've been feeling the same, just know that you deserve to be happy and you deserve to treat yourself. You should never feel guilty for that, and you should never let anyone else make you feel guilty for that. Your happiness is, honestly, the most important thing and if taking a few hours out of the week to have a nice bubble bath is going to go a little way to achieving that, then you should damn well do it. Even if your have unread emails and you haven't made a salad for your work-day lunch.

Do you have ever struggle to find time for yourself? And have you experienced feelings of guilt when you take time out?


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