Postcards from Shropshire | Part 1

Last Month I took a blissful week off work and travelled, with my family, to Shropshire. We've never been ones for typical holiday destinations and the beautiful countryside and abundance of pubs is basically our idea of heaven.

sunset valley view

We spent the week exploring the local countryside with our dogs, eating delicious food and visiting historical buildings. It was the first time I'd had a whole week to relax and get-away since the whirlwind of graduating and starting my full-time job. It was such a treat.

Ludlow Castle

I didn't want this post to be insanely picture-heavy, so I'm splitting this into a couple of posts. Just to give your scrolling hand a break. I took such a lot of photos - it was pretty tough choosing which to show to all of you. The Autumnal light was just so pretty, me and my Olympus Pen had a blast!


On our first day in Ludlow, where the house we rented was, we didn't feel like wandering too far from the house. We explored the town a little, had a pub lunch and then set off with the dogs for a walk.

forest walk

The countryside and views were really beautiful in the Autumn light, and of course we couldn't resist the odd selfie here and there.

Couple Selfie
Top - Zara, Necklace - Ted Baker
On our second day in Shropshire we headed to Stokesay Castle. It's an English Heritage property not far from Ludlow.

Stokesay Castle

Stokesay Castle Doorway

The location was a real selling point, and the Castle tower had views of the Shropshire countryside and hills. We braved the cold for the purpose of good Instagram Selfies.

Castle Tower

Castle Tower Couple Selfie

We explored another Historic building on the third day, we travelled to Croft Castle. It's the most beautiful house and grounds; if you live in Shropshire or are thinking of visiting, I'd recommend it.

Croft Castle

Croft Castle Doorway

Croft Castle Interior

Croft Castle Garden Shed

The Garden Room

After exploring Croft Castle thoroughly we headed out for another walk with the dogs. There was a lot of steep climbing to get to these beautiful sunset views, but it was definitely worth it.

Sunset Couple Selfie

Sunset Countryside Hills

Patterdale Terrier

Stay tuned for Part 2 - more gorgeous views and cheesy-selfies to follow on Friday!


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  1. It was so nice there, we had such a nice time. I'm so glad you are uploading these posts so now I can relive it haha


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