Welcome Back!

Welcome Back

Hello and Welcome Back to Whimsical Nothings!
I've been on a short hiatus from blogging during my transition from full-time student to working in a full-time job. I have huge admiration for anyone who manages to keep their blog afloat during these tricky, busy times in their life. Unfortunately I really let things slip here on my blog. So I've sat myself down and given myself a good talking to, and planned out lots of lovely blog posts for November.

I really wanted my blog to become something that reflects me as a person and all the things that I enjoy and which I am passionate about it my life. So things are going to look a little different from now on. A new blog theme, a lot more personality and a lot less of me forcing myself to be confined to any particular topic.

I really hope that you all like this new layout and I hope you enjoy the coming blog posts this month and next - I'm also already looking forward to December and a whole load of Christmas merriment.

As always, thank you for reading and here's to the future!


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